Schools as Ecosystems at EdCampNYC

I’m beginning to get a bit sick, but barring any bedridden debilitation, I plan on heading out to EdCamp NYC this Saturday. I’m hoping to lead a session on Schools as Ecosystems in order to present and discuss our ideas with other educators and get their feedback and insight on how to refine our model and make it a praxis, rather than simply a metaphor.

In case you’ve never heard of EdCamp, it’s based on the idea of an “unconference,” which is where sessions are led by attendees and the agenda is open to all to create upon arrival. You are free to attend whichever session strikes your fancy and come and go as you will. I’m not too sure where the idea of an unconference was birthed, but I have the sense that it originated in the software engineering or social media business world.

Will and I did some brainstorming on what we’ve got outlined so far in our model, and I’m excited to see what other educators will add to our vision.

Here’s my agenda for the session:

  • Discuss the current state of education reform
  • Present a new vision for reform
  • Schools as Ecosystems as a set of values
  • Schools as Ecosystems as a methodology for school design and evaluation
  • Envisioning the school as an ecosystem
I’ll share my presentation, outline, and notes from the meeting as soon it’s over.

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