A Brief Update on Schools as Ecosystems

I know that I’ve been extremely negligent in posting here this summer, so I wanted to send a brief notice out to our wonderful readers. This blog is not dead, merely on a hiatus, as I have been tending to other important summery duties, such as pretending to have a life, quaffing beers, and achieving some semblance of mental and emotional stability that can be rather hard to maintain during the school year.

However as the new school year commences, I will be somewhat slowing things down here in general, for a couple of reasons:

  • Will and I would like to write a book that outlines our framework of Schools as Ecosystems more cogently and deeply. We’re not even yet in the birthing stages of the book writing process, but if you have any words of wisdom or references you can connect us to that would be of assistance in this endeavor, please let us know! I foresee that any time spent toward this task will necessarily mean less blogging
  • I will be commencing in an exciting new position at a middle school that will consume much of my time and energy, as I will be adapting to a new school culture

So continue to be on vigilant lookout for further posts on this here site, but don’t be surprised if the frequency of postings is a bit spotty. Thank you very much for your continued readership and attention!

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