What Would a Real "School as Ecosystem" Look Like?

It’s rare that I can link to a living example of the ecological and design principles that I write so much about, but here’s a wonderful find: “Redesigning Schools for Learning, Discipline, and Safety” on Fast Company.

“modern design can . . . .improve discipline and safety, while offering opportunities for new types of teaching using architecture as a kind of living “textbook.” Chief architectural officer at JCJ Architecture, LaPosta says the environment of a school is a “third teacher” after the actual teacher and what students learn from each other. “The actual building teaches the kids a lot about the culture and society we want to have. It becomes a three dimensional textbook.”

What a great way to put it. We talk so much about the influence of teachers, but the physical environment and culture of a school is a teacher and textbook unto itself.

Read more of the article to see more of the design principles inherent in viewing a school as an ecosystem.

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